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Need Top-Level Security Staff for Your Charity Event?

UK Prosecures have got it covered when it comes to protecting your guests from harm at any kind of fundraising event.

Whether it’s a big glitzy evening with dining and dancing, or a small raffle in someone’s home, our security guards can accommodate to your occasion if anything unexpected happens.

Not many people would think of hiring security for a charity event but doing so will ensure everyone will be able to relax and enjoy themselves knowing we’ve got you covered.

What UK Prosecures Can Do for Your Charity Event

Organising a fundraiser will no doubt take a lot of time and effort to achieve targets set. That’s why our charity event security experience will help take some of the pressure off.

With 25 years’ experience under our belt, UK Prosecures guards are well-versed in monitoring at all kinds of venues.

We’re committed to tailor to your specific security needs, so that everything will go ahead as planned without fuss.

Our security team will conduct detailed incident reports and an assessment conducted at your chosen venue to ensure complete protection at your event.

Helping You So You Can Help Others

Charity events can be emotional, and no one wants any potential harm to tarnish a well-meaning and thoughtful day.

By employing our charity event security, you’ll be ensuring everyone attending is kept safe and protected.

All our security guards are trained in first aid, perimeter monitoring, car park management and are highly trained for handling emergency service situations.

Give your guests a lasting impression when they leave your charity event and uplift the day even more by making safety a top priority for an important occasion
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Charity Event UK Prosecures Security Benefits

UK Prosecures Security Officer

Preventing Anti Social Behaviour and Crime

UK Prosecures guards are committed to stop any threats taking place, controlling fights or unwanted guests.

Full Assessments UK Prosecures

Assesment Prior to your Event

Preparation for all types of events will be conducted to maintain top-level security procedures are followed.

UK Prosecures Staff

Experienced and Qualified Staff

Our SIA-licensed officers have flexible skills, including first aid and crowd control management.

Evac Planning UK Prosecures

Evacuation Plan

Mapping and methods will be put in place to make sure your attendees will exit safely and efficiently.

UK prosecures work with the emergency services

Emergency Services Liasons

Should an emergency arise, our security staff are highly competent in liaising with the emergency services.

Incident Report Writing UK Prosecures

Detailed Incident Reporting

Security officers will write extensive, Factual and informative incident reports, so that you’re able to see exactly who was involved what’s happened and where.

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