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Want Your Festival or Concert Security Guards to Stand Out in the Crowd?

Look no further than UK Prosecures for SIA-licensed security guards and staff who can protect your guests no matter what the venue.

Planning a big event such as music festivals can seem daunting, and UK Prosecures are able to help take some of the pressure away by working with you to ensure safety and security is of top priority.

Even if you’re planning a small, intimate concert, our security staff are trained to deal with all kinds of situations – whether planned or unexpected.

Festival Security Guards and Staff

Whatever type of festival you’re throwing, our first aid trained security guards will keep your event in order.

From preventing people entering restricted/VIP areas, breaking-up fights or out of control mosh pits, to saving someone’s life with first aid, our security staff has a wealth of experience to help your festival become a success.

No one wants their experience to be tainted with unnecessary hassle from those who could ruin the event, which is why all our security guards and officers can be relied on to save the day.

Let our event security team deal with the unexpected scenarios which could occur anytime, anywhere.
Concert Security Guards

Be it for a series of bands and artists, a classical symphonic orchestra or solo act, hiring UK Prosecures officers can provide various types of security especially for your event.

When the first guest enters and the last leaves, we will make sure an assessment is carried out before your acts hit the stage to create a practical security solution.

Examples include security guards manned at doors, perimeter monitoring and car park management, as well as installing CCTV security to make sure entrances, exits and anywhere else is always monitored.

By hiring concert security guards, you’ll be guaranteeing your guests a secure experience with UK Prosecures.

UK Prosecures Festival
UK Prosecures Event Security

Festival and Concert UK Prosecures Security Benefits

Security Officer UK Prosecures

Preventing Anti Social Behaviour and Crime

UK Prosecures guards are committed to stop any threats taking place, controlling fights or unwanted guests.

Assessments UK Prosecures

Assesment Prior to your Event

Preparation for all types of events will be conducted to maintain top-level security procedures are followed.

Skilled Operatives UK Prosecures

Experienced and Qualified Staff

Our SIA-licensed officers have flexible skills, including first aid and crowd control management.

Evac Plans UK Prosecures

Evacuation Plan

Mapping and methods will be put in place to make sure your attendees will exit safely and efficiently.

Emergency Support UK Prosecures

Emergency Services Liasons

Should an emergency arise, our security staff are highly competent in liaising with the emergency services.

Incident Report Writing UK Prosecures

Detailed Incident Reporting

Security officers will write extensive, Factual and informative incident reports, so that you’re able to see exactly who was involved what’s happened and where.

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