UK School Security

Every school requires diffrent techniques and plans put into action UK Prosecures LTD offers the following basic services for schools but are not limited to -

Security Guards

Close Protection

Chaeuffeur Services


Alarm Systems

Key Holding

Emergency Response

Full Action Plan and Risk Assessments completed.

It seems that every day there’s a new story about a security lapse, emergency lockdown, or violent act taking place at a schools.


Today it’s simply inexcusable not to have adequate security measures in place—regardless of how safe you think your community may be.


At Uk Prosecures we ensure ways to make your institution a safer place to be in. With a proactive rather than reactive approach to school security we deal with basic loss prevention and safety concepts, including how to communicate safety information to students and staff, how to raise security awareness, and how to prepare for emergencies.


We advise on how to positively influence student behavior, lead staff training programs, and write sound security policies.

As school safety challenges continue to evolve with new daily stories surrounding security lapses, lockdowns, or violent acts taking place, we aim to advise on how to make educational institutions a safer place to learn.

  • We identify current and new risks commonly facing schools today, from access control to social media usage.

  • Presents updated School Security Resources.

  • Serves as a comprehensive guide for building an effective security program at little or no cost.

  • Addresses bullying, teen suicide, harassment, and dating violence.

  • We Take a holistic approach to school security rather than focusing on a particular threat or event.


We provide a full proof plan for school safety staff, security professionals, Teaching Staff, administrators and pupils.


Covering Primary, Secondary, universities, and day care centers responsible for policy implementation or protective services in the school setting. 

UK Prosecures School Security


Written by

Michael Hayes

Senior Security Consultant

UK Prosecures LTD